It’s been three years since Disney’s Hollywood Studios held an After Hours Party, and we were so excited when we got the new that they had returned! The evening didn’t disappoint – it was a night we won’t soon forget.

The evening began with us entering the after-hours event early as admission allows for 7pm entry, even though the event doesn’t begin until 9:30! We rode Minnie and Minnie’s and grabbed some food while we waited for the event to officially begin! After 9:30, there were no line-ups anywhere and all of the rides were open for us to enjoy! 9 rides in the park were accessible and free of wait times. This is something that you just wouldn’t get during a normal day at the studios, so it was definitely worth every penny.

To top off this already amazing evening, some roaming characters came out to surprise us! We got to take pictures and interact with them while they roamed around. As a bonus, each guest was able to receive a few free treats from the various carts. It really made us feel like VIPs!

We were able to ride every single ride in the park with hardly any wait time! Imagine being able to go on all your favorite rides without having to stand in line! 


Overall, the evening was filled with much fun and laughs that will be remembered for years to come. If you’re ever given the chance to attend an After Hours Party at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, don’t think twice – it’s definitely worth it! Thanks for joining us on this trip report!