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Meet Tim and Jenn

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Tim and Jenn Tracker have been sharing their daily adventures with an audience of nearly a million on their YouTube channel, TheTimTracker, for over a decade.

Having both been born and raised in Central Florida, Tim and Jenn have experienced all the best attractions, food, and beaches the region has to offer and share it all with their viewers every day.

Their light-hearted vlog offers a closer look at the ins and outs of many popular Florida vacation destinations like Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Sea World, and more. They’ve also journeyed to theme parks and fun destinations across the country, and around the globe..

From destinations such as Disneyland in California, and Branson’s Silver Dollar City, all the way to Ireland, and even Tokyo, the Trackers love taking their viewers along for the ride.

Countless viewers have commented repeatedly that Tim and Jenn have actually shaped their own travel plans. Which is exactly why they do it.

Along with thrilling theme park rides and exclusive behind the scenes entertainment experiences, viewers also love just spending a day around the house with Tim and Jenn, watching movies on the couch, cooking, pondering the existence of aliens, spending time with their dog, Bandit, or taking a trip to Target.

As many have said, subscribing to TheTimTracker on YouTube is not just a great way to pick up useful travel tips and information, but it’s like spending a little time each day with two really great friends.

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