This week we made a trip out to Universal Studios Florida to check out the park’s newest Tribute Store! Join us as we check out some merch, look for some easter eggs, and try some fun snacks! 


“The Tribute Theatre” is the theme of this summer’s Tribute store at Universal Studios. This store pays tribute to some of Universal most beloved classics such as E.T., Jaws, and Back to the Future!

As you enter the first room you immediately step into Elliott’s Bedroom from E.T! We couldn’t help but notice tons of easter eggs scattered throughout, such as Taylor family photos, models of ET’s ship, and even Reeses Pieces scattered throughout! There is also a wide variety of themed merchandise available for purchase.

Making our way through Elliott’s closet, we find ourselves entering the next room which is themed to Jaws! This room is highly detailed, with plenty of signs and decor from the ride, including a TV that plays the old queue video, and a grenade launcher used to defeat Jaws on the ride! This room also features a new wax figure of Jaws’ head, made from a Mold-A-Rama machine!

The third room truly transports you Back to the Future, with a huge model of Hill Valley in the middle of the room, music blasting from a jukebox, and Doc Brown’s collection of clocks and other gadgets. This room also features a second Mold-A-Rama model of the Hill Valley Clock Tower! This room is packed with small details and easter eggs, so if you’re a fan of the movie, definitely take your time through here.

In our final room of the Tribute Theatre, is where we find our concession stand! There are several snacks and desserts to choose from such as fresh popcorn, candy, and specialty treats! This room also features a Kongfrontation photo-op, where you can get a photo of you in King Kong’s hand! 


Later on in the day, we decided to try 2 different treats! We tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter Push Pop and the Jaws Chocolate Fishbowl Cake.

The Push Pop was absolutely delicious. The flavors of the chocolate, peanut butter candy, and cake all worked so well together. The convenience of the Push-Pop design was brilliant; It was so much easier to eat than a traditional cupcake, and made the overall experience much more enjoyable!

The Jaws Cake was pretty good, but not as great as the Push Pop. The blue food coloring gave a little bit of an artificial taste which we didn’t care for, but the chocolate cake definitely helped to balance that out. It was still a good dessert, and the gummy shark and fishbowl it came in were great touches.

Overall, this tribute store was fantastic in our opinion! Walking through made us want to re-watch all 3 of those movies again. So if you’re a fan of nostalgia and you’re going to be at Universal this summer, be sure to check it out before it goes away for Halloween! Thanks for joining us this week, and we’ll see you next time!