Disney Fantasy Spring Break Cruise with Kids: Fun for the Whole Family!

Set sail with Tim & Jenn on a magical Disney Fantasy Cruise adventure! This hilarious vlog takes you through embarkation day, their oceanview room tour, and delicious eats at the Royal Court. Plus, they share a secret hack for perfect hot water at sea! Get ready for family fun in the sun (and maybe some Jorts) – watch now and start planning your dream Disney vacation!

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Our Disney Wish Weekend Cruise 2024!

Ever dreamed of soaring over the ocean on a waterslide shaped like a giant Donald Duck? Well, we did it on the unforgettable Disney Cruise! From character selfies to dazzling fireworks, this trip was pure magic.
Click here to watch the hilarious video & set sail on your own Disney dream!

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Running a Disney Marathon in a Rivian?

Looking for a unique way to experience the magic of Disney? Look no further than running a Disney Marathon Weekend race… in a Rivian! That’s exactly what Tim did, and his vlog about the adventure is pure fun.
Tim’s video is a whirlwind of excitement, from showing off his tricked-out Rivian (complete with built-in flashlight and EV-powering outlets!) to conquering the 10K Run. You’ll get a front-row seat to campsite setup, pre-race jitters, and the electrifying energy of the course.

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