If you’ve visited EPCOT recently, you may have noticed a plethora of construction walls, in addition to missing monoliths, re-located character meet-and-greet locations, and more. If you’re wondering what in the (future) world is happening, you’re not alone. Many of you have tweeted at Tim and Jenn with construction questions, updates, and general information related to the changes happening in and out of the park. To catch up on the developments currently underway at EPCOT, Tim recently stopped by Walt Disney World’s second theme park for a look at the future of this park’s entrance, Future World, the World Showcase, and more.

1. Missing Monoliths


For several months now, the Walt Disney World Resort have begun the removal of the ‘Leave a Legacy’ monoliths that once greeted guests as they entered EPCOT. As of the date that this article was published, all monoliths have been removed from the entrance to EPCOT, revealing an unobstructed view of a beautiful, yet expansive and seemingly empty park entrance. This view may soon change with the arrival of new planters and foliage in conjunction with Disney’s current concept art for the entrance to this iconic park. (Construction walls still remain around the location where the monoliths on the left used to exist.)

2.Mickey and Friends Meet and Greet Location


With all of the changes coming to Future World, it was only a matter of time before Mickey and Friends were moved from their location near the Fountain of Nations, to what’s left of the Innoventions West building, located across the breezeway. A simple stroll around the corner (to the side of Innoventions West that points towards ‘The Land Pavilion’) from the old Mickey and Friends meet-and-greet location will lead you to their new temporary location. For those of you familiar with EPCOT and its many meet and greet locations, the Innoventions West building also hosts meet-and-greets for Baymax, Joy and Sadness.

3. Minnie Mouse Passholder Magnet and Coasters


Calling all passholders! If you are planning a visit to EPCOT in the coming weeks, be sure to stop by the Mouse Gear or Disney Traders store to receive your FREE complimentary Minnie Mouse Food and Wine Festival Magnet while supplies last. Additionally, if you’re a passholder and you plan to visit EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival 4 times this season, be sure to stop by Mouse gear on your 4th visit to receive your free Food and Wine drink coasters while supplies last!

4. Innoventions East


It wasn’t going down without a fight, but Innoventions East has finally closed its doors for good. What used to house such “recent” attractions as: ‘Stormstruck,’ ‘Sum of all Thrills,’ and ‘Don’t Waste It!’ had construction walls placed in front of its doors in preparation for Walt Disney World Resort’s update to this section of the land, simply called ‘World Celebration.’ Though we are sad to see our favorite star from all of those ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ VHS ads close for good, we await in great anticipation for the incredible changes that will soon be gracing this much-deserving park.

5. The Odyssey Building

Because the Odyssey Building will soon house the ‘Walt Disney Imagineering presents the Epcot Experience,’ pops of color have begun to appear along the outer walls of this historic structure. Once open, guests will be able to engage and interact with exhibits that will highlight the innovation, energy and excitement that is driving and surrounding the overhaul of EPCOT.


This is only a glimpse into what’s new at Disney’s EPCOT. For in-depth coverage on all things new at this incredible park, be sure to watch Tim’s vlog above. As construction continues to ramp up in and out of the park, Tim and Jenn will continue to bring you the latest changes as they happen, and we can’t wait to bring you along!