As this pandemic is getting closer to an end we still have to practice social distancing and the correct procedures. We are all so excited to get back out in the world and do the things we once were able to do, I know we are! Disney invited us out to Disney Springs the day before it opened to the public to show you what you can expect when you visit. We experienced limited parking, temperature checks, mask wearing, and etc. So continue on with us as we inform you about the new changes and future changes that may occur!

First off, parking is going to be limited to only the Orange and Lime Garage. They will not be providing any ground parking such as the Strawberry Lot. However, there will be 4 entrances available, 2 in the Orange Garage, 1 in the Lime Garage, and 1 at the pedestrian bridge across Hotel Plaza Blvd. As you’re driving up to Disney Springs they will have road signs setup, ready to direct you in the correct direction. As I was pulling into the park I was told that we were all being sent in waves, they are taking these percositions very seriously.

Secondly, when you are walking in they will have stations where they will check your temperature and make sure you have appropriate face coverings for anyone over the age of 3. Disney Springs says that the appropriate face covering must cover your mouth and nose at all times. But you are REQUIRED to provide your own face covering, Disney Springs will not be giving them out to the public. If you do show up without a face covering, they will not allow you into the Springs. They have also incorporated physical distancing guidelines throughout Disney Springs in the form of signage, ground markings, and physical barriers. Disney has also noted that they are increasing the amount of cleanings and disinfecting of high traffic areas such as handrails, door knobs, bathrooms, buttons, elevators, etc! There will also be hand washing and hand sanitizer stations throughout Disney Springs.

Throughout Disney Springs restaurants and shops will be open, but they will be having reduced capacity. Included in these establishments they will have physical distancing markings inside, also including hand sanitizer stations as well. Here is the lists of locations that will be open, click here. Disney is not requiring but recommending you to use cashless payments such as a credit card, debit card, gift card, or even apple pay. 

Disney has plans unveiled for the Phased Reopening of Walt Disney World Resort Theme Parks, Resort Hotels and Disney Stores! They have submitted a proposal to the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force in Florida describing how they would be reopening Walt Disney World Resort theme parks. Here is the link to the article about it!

Things are finally changing, more stores, restaurants, and some Disney owned facilities have finally been opening back up. We are excited to get back out and get back to normal. We would like to say a big thank you to Disney for inviting us out to Disney Springs so we could show you everything to expect for your visit!