The goggles have been put on and we have landed in EPCOT! That is to say, we went to the magical Walt Disney World’s Epcot for a virtual day at home! We had so much fun making our way virtually through the vast land of Walt Disney’s Epcot with Jackson. It was an amazing time of year to bring Jackson because he was tall enough to ride every single ride. So, strap in and let’s continue this virtual journey through EPCOT!

We started the magical day in front of Spaceship Earth and then we headed into the park scanning our magic bands. Of course, before we could start the day we had to head straight to measure Jackson and believe it or not he was tall enough to ride every single ride! Before our first ride of the day, we headed into Mousegear where we could buy some Flower & Garden Merch!

As we were making our way to the Land Pavilion for Jackson’s first ride on Soarin, EPCOT is still in the middle of a bunch of construction with walls up every way we went! When we finally arrived at Soarin the wait was only 20 minutes, but as we were going through it was only a 10 minute wait. We watched the pre-show Soarin had to offer, and Jackson couldn’t be any happier to ride his first ride! As we hang-glided around the world we passed right next to the gigantic Eiffel Tower, flew right next to the Great Wall of China and even soared right through the Egyptian Pyramids! We finished gliding right into our very own Epcot and the very bright fireworks for an amazing landing!


When we finally finished the amazing ride at Soarin we headed to a booth called The Honey Beestro, we picked up some fried stuffed jalapenos with a honey drizzle! After we ate the terrific jalapenos we made our way to check out the beautiful Butterfly Garden. Once we finished looking at all of the butterflies and amazing smelling flowers we continued our way through the World Showcase just to lead ourselves right into Mexico. We couldn’t pass up some burritos, so we had to pick up this tasty Queso and Frijoles Burrito! 

As we were going around Mexico we stopped at the Gran Fiesta Tour! We enjoyed watching and singing with the three Caballeros in the dark boat ride housed within the pyramid-shaped Mexico Pavilion. Jackson enjoyed the ride so much he went right to sleep, and since he’s asleep we took advantage of it and gained our appetites back! As we came up on the China pavilion we had to try some extraordinary food and hopefully it fills us up. After, we continued making our way through the World Showcase to experience all of the countries!


As our time was coming to an end, we had to end the magical day at Walt Disney’s Epcot with a final ride! Since Jackson was tall enough we had to take him on Test Track. So of course, we got in line with only a 50 minute wait and in line we created our abnormally fast car. We finally got to the front and we hopped in our car and took off high-speed through a dark race track. With the wind and high speed it had us going absolutely insane with our hair in our faces! Then, finally the amazing day came to an end, we made our way to the exit leaving with the best day ever.

Overall, we had so much fun creating a virtual Disney Day at EPCOT with Jackson! We can’t wait to have another Disney day at home! Hope you enjoyed it, now it’s time to put those goggles back on and take off from the magical day at Walt Disney’s Epcot!