With the recent reopenings of the Orlando theme parks, you may be asking yourselves which park should I go to next? Well today we asked ourselves the same question and it looks like the very Walt Disney World’s Epcot has finally opened back up! We took a spin around the park and of course we are here to show you Epcot’s park updates. We also got to check out the construction progress around the park and even got to see some of our favorite characters walking around. Join us as we take our first adventure through Epcot’s reopening day!


It’s a very special moment when you can get back into your normal routine, but now your normal routine comes with just a little more responsibility. To start off the day at Epcot, we made our way to the front entrance where we are faced with the normal procedures as before. But before you can even enter Epcot, you are required to wear a facemask in and around the park itself! But don’t worry, if you forgot your face mask they do have a vending machine full of them that you can purchase for only 2 dollars. Upon arrival into the park they do have a speaker over the sound system informing you to keep a 6 feet distance from people and telling you other safety procedures. Also, throughout the park they do have physical distancing markings on the ground keeping you 6 feet apart from others!


To begin this epic day we started at Spaceship Earth to check out the wait time and believe it or not there wasn’t even a wait time, you could just walk straight on! The crowd levels throughout the park were pretty minimal and it seems that everyone is very spaced out social distancing. Continuing on throughout the beautiful park of Epcot, we went to check out the Butterfly Garden but it seemed that the cages were open and there weren’t any butterflies out at the moment. As we were making our way around we faced our first character and his name was Pooh, he was frolicking around the lawn just waiting for people to come take pictures with him! Another thing to add, throughout the park they do provide hand washing stations and sanitize stations as well. We stopped by Earth Eats where you can get all types of vegetarian foods but they currently put it in a new location. As I got closer to Frozen Ever After the line stretched clear to the Norway pavilion with a 30 minutes wait time. Also the Akershus is currently closed and is being used as a relaxation station where you can go in and take your mask off! There are also other relaxation stations posted around the Epcot park. Another thing to add, you may or may not know but there is construction here at Walt Disney Epcot! These massive construction walls begin at the park entrance around the fountain, extend in the park around spaceship earth and the entire center section of Future World! They even have some off to the side of Future World, but there are no walls in the World Showcase!


The 2020 International Food and Wine Festival is having its 25th year at your very on Epcot! But it is going to be very different from the past years due to COVID-19. The Festival will begin on July 15th and it will continue on throughout the Fall of 2020! To attend this event you will only need an Epcot admission/park pass! The Festival will give you a taste tour across 6 continents and they will have plenty of entertainment, merchandise, and more! You can check out our video about the last time we went to the Food and Wine Festival here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MImeAcEt528.

There you have it, there is the very epic look and first hand insite back into Walt Disney Epcot! Make sure you ask yourselves the most important question of all, which park should I head to first? We are here to give you the first hand look on what to expect and help you decide on your decision! We hope you enjoyed your adventure with us as we strolled throughout Epcot! Thanks for hanging out, we will catch you at the next park!