More and more updates are coming, we headed back to Universal Orlando Resort for another fun day of updates around both parks! We are slowly but surely getting back to what we call the new normal and we are here to bring you updates first hand. We started our journey in City Walk and took a look at the construction progress of a new store front. We made our way through Universal Studios to check out a few things and then we made our trip into the vast Islands of Adventure to see the Jurassic Park roller coaster progress! On that note, let’s get ready to take off into a magical day at Universal Orlando Resort!


To start off this magical adventure, we begin our journey in Universal’s very own City Walk! If you don’t know what City Walk is, it’s an amazing attraction at Universal Orlando featuring a variety of restaurants, shops, and family shows! Given the first look into City Walk, the crowd levels were pretty minimal but there were a bit of people walking around. Making my way further into City Walk they do have construction! But if you look where the fossil store used to be right next to cinnabon, they have taken out higher exterior walls and are turning a strip of places into one big area. We are not totally sure what it’s going to be just yet, but it’s rumored to be the new home of a larger Universal Studios store front!


Beginning our first stop we have Universal Studios right in City Walk! You may not know, but Universal replaced the part-stage, part-screen Terminator 2 attraction with the new and improved Bourne Stuntacular show! They are still continuing with the elements of live theater, stunts and excitement, but they created a Stuntacular show that follows Jason Bourne across 3 continents! The show is in a soft open for technical rehearsals and it is not completely open just yet. Universal Studios does indeed have they’re spectacular characters out, such as Marilyn Monroe, the Scooby-Doo cast, the penguins of madagascar, and the Trolls cast. If you’d like to see us meet a Troll check out this video…. But these meet and greets do have physical distancing markings, so you’ll have to meet your favorites from a distance. We finally headed back into Diagon Alley in the Wizarding World and we started to watch Celestina Warbeck’s musical stage show but we quickly had to leave due to guests not adhering to the physical distancing rules. But throughout the park itself, there were no issues and it was an amazing time!


As I have mentioned before in the Islands of Adventure, they are working on construction for the new Jurassic Park roller coaster! The progress is going great, they have put way more track up and you can see more inversions being put into the coaster itself. The coaster itself is very impressive, my visit they were working on the highest point which would be the top head and it looks amazing to say the least! Sadly, we still have no idea what to expect with this coaster, we only have rumors of names and virtual representations of what the coaster is predicted to be. With my visit to the park itself, Islands of Adventure is a lot less crowded this time and it seems like Universal Studios is much busier! Another tip to add, some of the restaurants do have mobile ordering rather than eating inside the building. To end off this adventure, here at Islands of Adventure it is the 10th Anniversary at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! 

We are slowly but surely getting back into the world of Amusement Parks, and there are more and more updates coming as we speak! We had an amazing journey throughout City Walk, Universal Studios, and Islands of Adventure. It was great to check back in with the construction progress with the Jurassic Park coaster! But, in the end we had an amazing time back in the parks and we are very glad to share our experience.