Halloween is nearly upon us, and the season of treats has begun! Join us as we explore Disney Springs for some delectable Halloween treats!

Gideons’s Bakehouse

For our first stop, we are at Gideon’s Bakehouse! Today we went with 2 treats, the Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookie Truffle (top), and Frankenstein Cookie (bottom). Both were absolutely delicious. The Frankenstein Cookie is a Chocolate Chip Cookie with crushed-up Double-Stuf Oreos and M&Ms. This cookie was buttery and very rich; all of the flavors went very well together. The texture of the Oreos really took it to another level. The Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookie Truffle was actually a bonus for us this visit! Since this dessert is a very limited release, we were expecting them to be sold out by the time we arrived, but they weren’t to our surprise! This truffle is crammed with a Peanut Butter Crunch cookie and a layer of Grape Jelly. This truffle was delicious, and reminded me of an elevated Reeses Cup! Both items were $6, and would absolutely recommend trying either of them if you’re able! 

The Ganachery

Our second treat can be found right down the way from Gideon’s at the Ganachery! This adorable dark-chocolate Pinata is filled with marshmallow treats covered in chocolate! Although it was not advertised in the description, we were delighted to see some small pieces of chocolate nestled in there as well! Everything in this dessert is of the highest quality, and you can taste it. From the hand-made marshmallows to the chocolate shell, everything was absolutely fantastic. It even comes with a cute little mallet to break open the treat!

Amorette’s Patisserie

Our 3rd treat is from Amorette’s Patisserie, right next to World of Disney! This is the Hocus Pocus Black Flame Petite Cake, containing a Devil’s Food Biscuit, Apricot Jam, Brandy Simply Syrup, Caramel Mousse, and Candy Pecan Crunch. Be aware, this cake does contain some alcohol, as all of the alcohol in the Brandy Simple Syrup might not have all been cooked out. Although we didn’t taste much alcohol, it is worth noting! This cake was very caramel-forward, so if you’re a fan of caramel this is for you! Only thing we were missing was the Apricot Jam flavor, we never really tasted that flavor anywhere in the cake. Despite this option not really being to our taste, it was still quite good!

Marketplace Snacks

Our next stop was at Marketplace Snacks, which is right across from the Marketplace Co-Op! We went with the Jack Skellington Waffle Sundae! This sundae comes with chocolate soft-serve, marshmallow, chocolate shavings, and orange sprinkles served in a bubble waffle cone! The ice cream tastes more like a dark-chocolate ice cream which was a really nice surprise! All of the flavors of the ice cream, chocolate syrup, and marshmallows really compliment each other quite well! This serving is easily large enough to share between 2 people, so the value is great. Would definitely recommend this treat if you’re an ice cream fan!

Swirls on the Water

On our last stop of the day, we ended up over at Swirls on the Water for some Dole Whip Oogie Boogie Nachos! These are pistachio soft-serve, strawberry boba pearls, chocolate curls, gummy worms, orange sprinkles, and whipped cream served on top of waffle chips! This dessert was unfortunately not a favorite. The flavors of the pistachio ice cream and strawberry boba balls did not go together at all. Also, our waffle chips were quite stale, which was disappointing. I can’t say I would recommend this personally, but that is just my opinion!


Thanks for joining us today as we tried several treats to get ready for Halloween! We’ll see you next week!