Hey everyone! Today, I adventured through Magic Kingdom to see what’s new and exciting. There’s a lot to unpack, so buckle up!

First stop, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure! The scaffolding is finally down, revealing the beautifully themed attraction. It wasn’t testing today, but I got a good look around the queue and spotted some critters through the windows. Apparently, they’re still adding some finishing touches.

Speaking of finishing touches, did you know the neat lampposts by the restrooms are modeled after old-timey wiring? It’s a neat detail that adds to the immersive atmosphere.

While Tiana’s Bayou Adventure wasn’t testing today, I did get to enjoy a fun cavalcade featuring Miguel, Woody, Judy Hopps, and a bunch of other favorite characters. There’s also a new armadillo resident back by the Critter Co-op! Keep your eyes peeled for him, he might just spray you on your next visit!

Next, I hightailed it over to Storybook Circus to check out the new “Smellephants’ on Parade” experience. Apparently, there’s a new smelly adventure in town, and Timothy Q. Mouse needs your super sniffer to help him find eight hidden scent statues scattered around the land. I found the first one by Big Top Souvenirs – it’s a caramel apple! The scent is strong, so you won’t miss it.

Speaking of Big Top Souvenirs, they’ve got some cool new merchandise in stock. I spotted a retro-looking Sleeping Beauty Castle tumbler and a matte black Cinderella Castle tumbler. There are also some fun new t-shirts featuring Mickey and the Muppets. Keep an eye out for the Fourth of July ears and the interesting Star Wars headband with a hidden Mickey!

Finally, no trip to Magic Kingdom is complete without some delicious food. I grabbed a corn dog while I was checking out the new “Smellephants on Parade” experience.

Overall, it was a fantastic day at Magic Kingdom! I can’t wait to see what new things come our way next time.