When visiting your favorite theme parks you are required to wear your masks and for good reason! While that certainly isn’t a bad thing, it’s protecting yourself and others. Sometimes wearing your mask, it gets hot and sometimes harder to breathe. We headed out to Disney Springs and some Disney resorts to try out a little theme park experiment! Some are concerned that wearing these masks for prolonged periods of time could possibly cause carbon dioxide buildup and oxygen depletion, so we wanted to put it to the test! Join us as we head out for a face covering theme park experiment!


To begin this experiment, you may know I have to wear a mask everywhere I go because it is required to wear at these places and it is a part of the rules! As I have been wearing masks in my videos you guys have been asking that I could be suffering from carbon dioxide toxicity because I am not getting the correct amount of oxygen through the mask. What I did was get a blood oxygen monitor which tells me my pulse and how saturated my blood is with oxygen. Here’s a link to the oxygen meter I used https://amzn.to/3ewlgZs. So, before I head out to the parks I’m going to take a reading and get a basic base line reading. Meanwhile at the parks I will be wearing my mask all day and not take it off, then throughout the day I will take readings on my blood oxygen monitor. Another thing to add, the normal blood oxygen saturation levels for adults is 94 to 99%. So, let’s take our reading and head out to the parks!


To start the day off I will be wearing a 2 layer fabric mask with a PM 2.5 filter inside the mask which is very tight on my face with no air getting through! We began our experiment at about 1:15 in the afternoon and it was 93 degrees out plus Florida’s amazing humidity. Arriving into Disney Springs they are selling new Disney Cloth Face Masks at the Marketplace Co-Op and originally you could only buy these online through Shop Disney. Let’s continue on with our experiment by making our way throughout Disney’s beautiful facilities and resorts!


To start our Journey we made our way to the buses and we hopped on a bus to the BoardWalk Resort! On the bus itself they have physical dividers and a space right after the divider for social distancing throughout the bus. The Disney buses around the resorts came out with new rules and procedures which they must act at a much lower capacity, have physical barriers and cannot have standing passengers. After being in the Boardwalk Resort for a while. we stopped to take our first blood oxygen reading and I was between 95 and 96 with a heart rate of 90, which again is the normal level! Continuing our way throughout the Resort we got a close look at some of Epcot’s construction progress! Another thing to add we know that Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom open up on July 11th and Epcot and Hollywood Studios open up on July 15th! Plus, Epcot is going to have their Food and Wine Festival starting on the 15th of July! After we finished making our way throughout the Boardwalk Resort we headed to Beach Club and then caught another bus and went to Disney’s Grand Floridian and Disney’s Polynesian Resorts to try and take a closer look at the newly painted Cinderella Castle. The Cinderella Castle was absolutely beautiful and we can’t wait to see it from inside the Magic Kingdom park!


To finally end this face mask experiment, we took one last look at our oxygen level and our oxygen saturation. We ended at 96 even though our heart rate was pretty elevated because I have done a lot of walking throughout the resorts! In the end, it seems like a mask does not affect your blood oxygen levels!

In conclusion, if you’re wondering if wearing a mask all day at theme parks or even wherever you’re at affects your blood oxygen levels, I put it to the test and it does not!  We hope you had fun hanging out with us on the Disney property and enjoyed our little theme park experiment! So, next time you come out to the theme parks we better see you wearing your mask!