Your Epcot experience is going to start being extra tasty! Finally returning, Epcot brings back the very International Food & Wine Festival. From July 15th and continuing on throughout the fall season, the 2020 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival will provide guests with opportunities to EAT delicious food, be ENTERTAINED, and ENGAGE firsthand with 6 different countries cultures! Join us as we take a trip around Epcot’s very own International Food & Wine Festival for an amazing experience.


You may be asking yourself, what exactly is the International Food & Wine Festival? Well, the Food & Wine Festival combines your love for Disney, food and wine all in one! The Taste of Epcot experience offers you 20 global marketplaces, as well as some floral fun from the Flower and Garden Festival added in! You can taste delicious foods from Africa, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hawaii, Italy, Japan, etc! They offer you live entertainment around the park including the JAMMitors and the Mariachi Cobre! They even have merchandise for sale, so you can represent your Food & Wine Festival pride. The Festival is fun for all ages and you will have an amazing time and experience! 


The greatest part about the Food & Wine Festival, is that you get to experience and try different cultures’ foods! For our first taste test, we stopped at the Citrus Blossom to pick up some Citrus Chicken. The first few bites of the meal were a bit dry but overall it was very tasty! After eating our Citrus Chicken we stopped by Earth Eats and picked up some chocolate pudding terrarium and it was just as delicious as the previous time we tried it. After finishing up these 2 meals we had to seek cover because Florida’s amazing weather brought in some rain as we were trying to enjoy our amazing time taste testing foods. After hiding out from the rain we made our way over to the China pavilion to check out what foods they had to offer. China only had Chicken Dumplings and Mongolian Beef Bao Bun on the menu to offer. Finishing up in China, we stopped into the magnificent Germany and had to try the Roast Bratwurst. Germany always offers the best Bratwurst, the food was absolutely delicious! Finishing off this wonderful day here at the International Food & Wine Festival we stopped by Hops & Barley at the American Pavilion to get some carrot cake. Lets just say this cake was the most moist, spongy, and had the warmest icing just pushed over the edges! I 10/10 do recommend it to anyone looking for tasty items to try at the festival! Also, if you would like to checkout these videos of us trying other foods at the festival in the past click these links… and…


Another amazing part of the Food & Wine festival is the live entertainment! Typically here at Epcot, the Food & Wine festival includes the Eat to the Beat Concert Series, but 2020 has been a rough one and will not be allowing this due to physical distancing measures and COVID-19. Over the years of the Food & Wine festival they have offered a wide variety of artists but this year they have invited local musical acts such as the Mariachi Cobre and the JAMMitors. Exploring throughout the festival we came across the Marimba De Las Américas as they were performing and they were amazing! But, when watching these amazing bands play you must still continue wearing your masks as they are not relaxation areas. 


The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival offers a vast amount of activities and foods that will grasp the interest of every guest! Events highlighted above provide just a small sampling of the array of things available to you at the festival this year! To get the full experience, you have to get out to the Festival and get the full fledged experience for yourself! We are glad you came on our journey with us taste testing various foods and experiencing different things around the park today!