There’s been a lot that’s changed since we last paid a visit to Universal Studios! Join us as we try new foods, and check out a new themed store, and a new construction update!


First stop right as we entered the park, was at the Today Cafe to try a new breakfast sandwich! This sandwich is called “Savannah’s Dream Breakfast Croissant”, named after Today Show host Savannah Guthrie. This is said to be her favorite breakfast sandwich to make, with scrambled eggs, sausage, cheddar cheese, roasted red tomatoes, and smashed avocado, on an everything-bagel seasoned croissant. We had mixed feelings on this one, as there were a lot of contrasting flavors going on. If you’re someone who really enjoys complexity in your breakfast sandwich, then this might be a choice better suited to you!

Not too long after our sandwich, we make our way down to the tribute store for dessert! We decided to go with a strawberry cookie dough ball, a chocolate cookie dough ball, and a Back to the Future-themed brownie! Both cookie dough balls were very good. The strawberry had a more of a hint of strawberry flavor, which went nicely with the chocolate. Although those bites were good, this brownie was the true star of the show. The brownie itself was very dense and rich, and the chocolate buttercream on top really added great texture. Overall, everything we tried today at the tribute store was very good!


After filling up on some delicious food, we decide to hop aboard the Hogwarts Express over to Islands of Adventure! Tucked away in the Lost Continent is the All Hallows Hula Boutique! This new version of this store features your favorite classic monsters decked out in summer and beach attire. Here we found lots of new merchandise where the spirits of Summer and Halloween collide! While the layout remains the same, all of the monsters have been given a fresh new look. There are also plenty of new easter eggs hidden throughout the store as well, so keep an eye out!


While there wasn’t anything too exciting happening construction-wise in USF or IOA, we did spot something pretty cool when leaving CityWalk! In the former location of The Groove, Universal’s Great Movie Escape is the resort’s latest announced entertainment offering! This will be a set of 2 escape rooms themed to Universal films “Back to the Future” and “Jurassic World”. What’s especially exciting, is the same team that brings Halloween Horror Nights to life is also involved on this project. So we know we can expect immersive and detailed sets in these rooms. All we know is this experience will open in the later part of 2022, and tickets will be going on sale in the coming months. Seeing this marquee up already is incredibly exciting, and we can’t wait to experience what’s in store by the end of the year!

Overall it was a great trip to Universal Orlando! The food we tried was very tasty, and we can’t wait for those escape rooms to open! Thanks for joining us this week, we’ll see you next time!