Exciting news for roller coaster enthusiasts! SeaWorld Orlando is introducing a new stand-up coaster called Pipeline. With a launch date of May 27th, the coaster is set to thrill riders with its unique feature of being able to move up and down with the seat, creating an even more thrilling experience. The coaster stands at 110 feet tall, has a top speed of 60 miles per hour, and features one inversion over 2,900 feet of track. Its minimum height requirement is 54 inches, while the maximum is 78 inches, making it accessible to most riders.

To ensure safety and comfort, guests can try out a test seat and check the ride’s height requirement sign, which includes information on pre-existing conditions that may prevent riding. The coaster has lockers and a gift shop that sells Pipeline-specific merchandise located nearby.

While the ride may cause slight discomfort due to its unique seating style, guests will enjoy repeated rides as they experience the coaster’s launching system and plenty of airtime hills that create a floaty feeling.

If you’re heading to SeaWorld Orlando, be sure to check out the new Pipeline coaster, which can be reached by heading towards Flamecraft Bar and following the waterfront path behind Seafire Grill. As we experienced SeaWorld Orlando, we also rode another newer coaster, Icebreaker, which features a newly installed restraint system and some great airtime! Although I enjoyed the ride, I couldn’t wear sunglasses on it and preferred Pipeline overall.

Thanks, SeaWorld for hosting us and introducing us to these new coasters!