Get ready to travel through the digital world with us! We are headed over to Magic Kingdom, checking in and then heading straight for Tomorrowland. Our mission? To experience Tron in all its night-time glory from a light cycle seat – trust us when we say it’ll be an unforgettable ride. Let’s not forget about that shiny locker compartment either; come join us as we explore this unique feature of the attraction too!


There is no maximum height for the Tron light cycle, and we were told every person that has come through has been able to fit on the modified seats. The top speed of the Tron light cycle run is 59.3 miles an hour and it is not test track, but close to test track. It will be operating rain shine lightning during inclement weather. The ride queue fans are designed to move a lot of air and will be cool-ish in the summer, but not as hot as being out in the sun. There are no Tron specific food stands, but there are restrooms and lockers, and once inside, people can put their phones away inside of a compartment and sit way up in the bike. When we get off the ride, their locker is on the other side and the ones that are lit are those that have been used. The size of the lockers is big enough to fit a backpack.

Gliding along the roller coaster track in a fabulous “Cadillac” of seats feels like taking a luxurious road trip! Even though it’s hot and there’s a long line, everyone enjoys the amazing light show. As you cruise by, check out all the vibrant colors dazzling across each side of your ‘car’. From red to orange or blue to purple – this unique illumination will leave you mesmerized. Rest easy knowing that with special modified seating, comfort need not be sacrificed here; after riding both variations we can vouch for its plushness!

After an action-packed ride on Tron light cycle run, the show was over and it was time for parkgoers to bid farewell. We missed out on a prime view of the fireworks display by mere seconds! But there’s no need to worry – this thrilling dark coaster is still full of excitement; with comfortable seats yet plenty enough room in case your legs are longer than average or you’ve got some thicker calves. And while waiting can be tough, don’t forget that being at the back row gives you more thrills as well as giving better views of all those awesome sights along with way!

After taking a spin on Tron at Magic Kingdom, we were in awe! We recommended sitting near the back row to get an optimal view of all the action and follow along with every twist & turn in this epic adventure. Plus, it’s like riding around in your own personal Cadillac-talk about luxury living while soaring through space! With its virtual queue debuting soon, you better believe that when April rolls by -we’ll be joining Tron for another wild ride!