Ready, set…BOWL! Tim and Jackson are headed to Splitsville at Disney Springs for a day of daddy-and-son bowling. While the baby stayed home with Mommy (he’s getting his shots soon!), they’re ready to roll in some strikes – and maybe grab an ice cream from their favorite spot Salt & Straw along the way? And did we mention there’s a giant M&M store too?! Will they master pins or be left stumped by splits…let’s find out!

Let’s take it to the lanes! Jackson and I were feeling lucky today, so we went over for a little bowling competition. We grabbed the lightest ball they had – an impressive 7 pounds – then set up ramp right near our lane (that way if he knocked down all of his pins with that red pin out front, he’d get rewarded with a free donut from Everglazed!). After setting everything in motion we realized something funny was going on: Avril Lavigne music filled our ears and almost instantly leaned me into thinking “did someone rig this?!”. In between tunes  I moved him over here to give some angle because you know- gotta make sure strikes come through! With bumpers already lifted Jackson goes first as my breath is taken away by watching his ball fly across pink neon lights…it hits one but not enough for that delectable reward; regardless though no problemo-we still enjoyed ourselves! As much fun as it would’ve been getting food delivered directly TO US lane-side, we decided having lunch downstairs afterwards seemed easier, plus we’d have a great view outside Summerhouse Lake too. 

After deciding to get Jackson a delicious hot dog from Splitsville, we got the chance to explore some unique attractions like feather bowling – which is similar to shuffleboard but with tiny discs that you have try and shoot closest without passing someone else’s. Afterwards we did what any trip would be incomplete without: ice cream! Salt & Straw has it all; mint chocolate chip for him (with rainbow sprinkles!)and corn waffle cone for me. And of course, no trip was complete until after riding the stunning Carousel.

Today was a wild and memorable day at Disney Springs! We threw our penny into the wishing well, had Jackson take a ride on the carousel, explored all of the Lego store’s car-racing possibilities (unfortunately they were out of wheels), and found an Orange Bird Mickey Hat that looked amazing. Most importantly Jackson had a blast, and bowled like a pro! Who knew he’d be so good? Overall this trip encompassed everything magical about going to Disney: excitement, exploration & endless smiles!