Disney Springs is home to amazing outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment, and for a good reason. If you are staying at one of Disney’s beautiful resorts you can take a bus or even a water taxi to get to Disney Springs, making these restaurants a dining destination of choice for Disney Resort guests! We each have our own collection of restaurants that we favor more than others, but here we share our top 5 favorite restaurants that we enjoy at Disney Springs, and we give you our reasonings for choosing these remarkable establishments. Join us as we talk about our top 5 favorite sit down restaurants, below!  

  Starting off at number 5 is Terralina which is located in the Landing section of Disney Springs, near T-Rex cafe and right next to Paddle Fish. They offer upscale-casual Disney eatery with patio dishes and rustic Italian eats, including wood-fired pizza, and amazing tasting pasta. Terralina’s atmosphere is remarkable, they have outdoor seating on the water, and a walkup bar outside. With the walkup bar you can pass by, get a drink, and continue walking around the complex. Speaking of their food, one of our favorites was the Pork Ragu and it was phenomenal.   

  Coming in at number 4 we have Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill, it’s a new restaurant located across from Planet Hollywood but it’s really close to the Orange Garage. The restaurant reinvents American bar and grill food with Californian-inspired cuisine in a casual and lively setting. Wolfgang Puck felt like a very special place and a more elevated experience. If you’re wanting to have an amazing date night, Wolfgang Puck is the place. The servers educate you on their exquisite wine and they have many different palates. The dish we had the first time was a charcuterie board and it was very delicious!  

  Bringing us into number 3 we have Wine Bar George which is located in the Landing section of Disney Springs. Wine Bar George is a spacious, rustic venue featuring diverse wines, globally inspired small plates & patio seating. The bar does have an upstairs area that includes couches and seating, it’s a perfect environment to hangout with your friends and have a glass of wine. The one thing about the restaurant is that their entire menu is based around wine, but they have some of the most delicious food we’ve ever tasted! One of our favorite dishes at Wine Bar George is this delicious pork dish that was for the Wonder Fall Event at disney springs .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxYVs0y6nMM. They also offer a quick service window, we have yet to eat at, but we imagine they still offer some of the same meats.  

  Coming closer to an end, we bring you into number 2 with Homecomin which is located in the Landing. Homecomin is a spacious Southern-Floridian restaurant & bar by celebrity chef Art Smith. The entire restaurant is set up like a florida room and it almost makes you feel like your outside. Homecomin is very special to us because we were both born and raised in Florida so it’s like we’re eating food that our grandparents cooked us growing up! Jenn’s favorite dish is the fried green tomatoes, which also has ham and arugula on top. The entree that Tim also goes for is the Thigh High Chicken Biscuits which is fried chicken thighs with hot honey in a biscuit!  

  Finishing off our Top 5 favorite sit down restaurants, coming in number 1 is Boathouse which again is located in Disney’s Landing section. Boathouse is a sophisticated waterfront choice for steak & seafood, plus tours in vintage amphibious automobiles. You can choose to sit in a boat inside the restaurant, you can check out all of the amazing boats in the back of the restaurant, and you can even take an amphicar for a ride! Boathouse also has a bar on the dock that gives off an amazing feeling from the breeze and the breathtaking view of the lake and Disney Springs. Some of our favorite dishes from this magnificent restaurant are the steak or the seafood they have to offer.  Be sure to come back as we continue to find our new favorite places to eat at Disney Springs!