As quarantine is almost coming to an end we still have to continue to keep busy and keep finding things to entertain ourselves! We thought we would continue sharing our home life and projects with you. As we skirmish around the house we have done things along the lines of giving Tim a haircut, playing with baby Jackson, cooking amazing food, etc! Continue on with us by observing our day to day projects and fun times!


Established in our very own kitchen we welcome you to Jenn’s Hair Studio! Since hair salons are currently closed we haven’t been able to get haircuts, so the time has finally come. We went ahead and cut Tim’s hair in our very own kitchen and it went pretty well. Tim guided me throughout the process and told me what his hairstylist usually does, so I didn’t go completely out on a lim. Before we started cutting his hair of course we had to look at people with bad quarantine haircuts and let’s just say it did make us a little nervous! But in conclusion, I’d have to give Jenn’s Hair Studio a 5/5!


As we are still stuck inside without the amazing restaurants that Orlando has to offer we have to cope with what we got! We try to cook amazing dinners so we don’t have to think about the restaurants we’re missing out on! So, we are here to share with you the BEST Pulled Pork Sandwiches! The sandwiches consisted of Pulled Pork topped with pickles, coleslaw, and shallots! All in all, the sandwiches turned out way better than we thought and we definitely recommend giving it a try!


As you know we have a mini garden of different types of foods. But we ran into an issue with one plant, the basil plant. We had to transfer it to a bigger pot because it was getting very monstrous! Since the Basil is growing in front of the other plants we believe it’s stopping some of the plants from growing! As we were pulling out the gigantic plant we noticed how big the roots actually are and how much basil we actually had. We ended up putting the Basil plant outside so it could grow alone and in peace!


When it comes to decoration and design we love our filming space, we’ve perfected the look and made it feel like we’re sitting in our living room! One thing we did was put a bookcase in the room so it had even more of a homier vibe. Once we got the case in the room we went ahead and filled empty space using art that you guys have sent us! We had so many cool items from you guys, we had so much fun framing and putting more of your art up in our filming space. We would just like to say, thank you to everyone who has sent something in over the years!

Overall, we have an amazing time sharing with you guys our day to day life at home! We all must find things to keep ourselves entertained and not die of boredom. We hope you enjoy learning more about us and learn some cool things to do to pass time!