Halloween is some people’s favorite time of the year, from the boos and the hoos! This year here in Orlando, they have brought us the newest Drive Thru Haunted Attraction. This new Orlando haunted attraction is called the Scream ‘N Stream Drive Thru Haunt. With Haunted Horror Nights at Universal Studios being canceled we all need a little scare in our Halloween this year. Join us as we inform you about everything you need to know about this new Haunted Attraction here in Orlando.


This newest Orlando Drive Thru Haunted Attraction is called the Scream ‘N Stream! This attraction is located at the Boggy Creek Airboat Adventure in Kissimmee, Florida. This socially distanced Halloween event features a Drive-Thru “Haunted House” called the Night at the Die-In which is 1.2 miles in length and approximately a 30 minute experience. Secondly, a Drive-Thru, Family-Friendly Trick or Treating which is 1 mile and approximately a 20 minute experience. Thirdly, they offer a Night Time Haunted Airboat Tour which is an hour long and they also offer specialty Food & Beverage service. This event will take place during the afternoons and evenings every Friday and Saturday between September 25th to October 31st, 2020. The Tickets are between $45-$60 depending on the day you choose to go, this is also priced per car and you can have up to 8 people in each car.


This intense attraction is as scary as you can get, socially distanced of course. You drive your car into your very own horror movie and you notice everything around you start to come to life. This set has many props, fog, lighting, scary audio, and live performers that will scare your brains right out of your head. This is a slow-moving, 1.25 mile long Drive-Thru Haunted house that will be completely socially distanced and contactless so you can get your excitement and scare on. The Story of the Night At The Die-In starts in the year 1997, where a group of teenagers break into an Abandoned Drive-In Theater and they’re car breaks down, stranded with no help. They are hours from town on foot and the teenagers are forced to work together to escape from the fright lurking in the shadows. 


Trick or Treating is something we love, even at all ages. The sweet taste of candy is amazing and who knows what Halloween will be like this year but Scream ‘N Stream offers Drive-Thru Trick or Treating. The young and even the old will love their Drive Boo Trick-r-Treat experience. This experience you will start your journey in your vehicle moving along a slow road and enjoying the amazing sights of the Halloween fun. Your kids will be able to scream TRICK OR TREAT at their safe socially distanced candy stops where you will receive candy via tubes and pipes! This Trick or Treat is amazing because they have props, music, inflatables, and live performers that will bring all the joy to your family.


This new Haunted Attraction is located at the very own Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures. The Scream ‘N Stream offers haunted nighttime airboat tours. You will be able to tour around the trails of tall grass without knowing what is coming up next to jump out and frighten you! They will tell you ghost stories and other legends of the lake as you glide throughout the lake and witness wildlife all around you. You are guaranteed to come face to face with the lake’s vast American Alligator, but of course you will be safe. These Airboat Rides are $64.95 per person and you will need to arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled tour.

Halloween is the best time of year for some people! But who knows what this year’s Halloween will even be like given the current pandemic going on. But the new Scream ‘N Stream Drive Thru Haunt has made a big effort to bring all the scare and excitement back into this year’s Halloween! This event seems very safe and is perfect for social distancing during this year’s Halloween. Thank you for joining us as we toured around the new Orlando Drive Thru Haunted Attraction!