We’re so excited that Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway has now opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Replacing the Great Movie Ride and it’s iconic exact replica of the Chinese Theater in Hollywood are no small shoes to fill? Did it live up to the hype? Read on to learn more!

The Plot

Here’s how Disney officially describes the ride: “The darling duo are taking a leisurely drive to a picnic in their sporty roadster—with Engineer Goofy’s train following merrily along. Plot twist—you get to go, too! Climb aboard a runaway railway and embark on a whirlwind ride through a world where the rules of physics don’t apply. Prepare for unexpected twists, slapstick gags and mind-boggling transformations at every turn, as Mickey and Minnie try to save the day.”

ride vehicle

The Ride Vehicle and Technology

Borrowing from the latest in trackless ride vehicle technology at Disney world, this all-new ride features trackless ride vehicles arranged in a train formation at the start. However, we quickly discover these trains can come apart and move on their own! There’s no telling where you’re headed once the ride starts as it is different for each vehicle in the train! Here’s how Disney officially describes the ride: “Based on the recent award-winning Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is a brand-new attraction unique to Walt Disney World Resort and Disney’s Hollywood Studios—and the first ride at any Disney park that stars Mickey Mouse and friends.” You can find similar technology in Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, and Ratattoulie which is coming soon to EPCOT’s France Pavilion in the World Showcase.

The Experience

This ride takes place is a world that Disney calls “2 1/2 D”, meaning not quite 3D, but not quite 2D. They accomplish this by projecting mapping images and videos onto large scale sets, and the effect is incredible! Sets can even move and transform from one thing into another right before your eyes! The ride vehicles move slowly for the most part, but at times can jostle you around just a bit. We may not be taking Jackson on the ride just yet, but guests of all ages, including babies, are allowed to participate! As long as the child fits on your lap safely behind the lap bar, they are allowed on, and would be sure to enjoy the bright colors and music. Speaking of music, the soundtrack is a new song created just for this ride called “Nothing Can Stop Us Now” and is very catchy, you will be singing it all the way home!


The Merch

What new attraction would be complete without merchandise to go with it. Find t-shirts, ears, tumblers, tornado themed toys based on the scene in the ride, train whistles, a special Goofy conductor hat, ride vehicle toys, and of course pins of this new attraction at the small stand just outside of the exit of the Chinese Theater!

Our Review

So what did we think of the ride? Short answer, we loved it! It was super fun, and we weren’t sure what to expect, but it really did feel like we were inside of a Mickey Short! The animatronics, transformitive sets, and music were all amazing! It’s definately a kid’s ride and it seemed like it was even a plot written by children, so it will be something they will be sure to love! This ride will be fun to go on over and over again as there are so many easter eggs hidden mickeys and more to see! It is impossible to see everything in just a few rides. After experiencing the ride several times, we think there is a better spot to sit on and it may be in the front car, but the experience from all cars is great! We loved the slightly more thrilling parts too, not to say this is a thrill ride, but there is some swaying and dancing motions performed by the car that were quite fun to experience! Be sure to watch our video above for all of our thoughts!