Good afternoon, everyone! Today, we’re taking you on a unique journey to the Magic Kingdom, where we explore the park on August 29th, with Hurricane Idalia lurking in the Gulf of Mexico. Despite the impending storm, Disney remains open, and we are determined to witness the park’s preparations while enjoying some of the attractions. Join us as we delve into this exciting adventure and get a sneak peek into the world of Disney magic, even during unusual circumstances.

As we begin our adventure, Tim informs us that Hurricane Idalia is approaching the Florida coast. Despite this, Disney has not announced any closures and intends to operate as usual during the storm. Orlando often experiences tropical storms, but there are some unusual preparations this time around. As we enter the Magic Kingdom’s parking lot, we’re met with a unique sight—a clever strategy to secure traffic cones by wrapping them with Saran wrap, ensuring they don’t blow away in the impending storm. The park appears unusually empty, as crowds have thinned out due to the combination of the hurricane and a Halloween party later in the evening.

As we explore, we talk to cast members about the park’s operational limits during high winds. The ferry boats, a lifeline for transportation to the Magic Kingdom, are subject to a 25-mile-per-hour wind cap. This information becomes crucial as Hurricane Idalia’s arrival draws nearer. We marvel at the skies, which are growing increasingly stormy, and the park’s decorations, which remain untouched. We discuss the updates made to the iconic popcorn stand in Fantasyland and the refurbishments for the upcoming “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.” Despite the hurricane’s approach, the park maintains its enchanting atmosphere.

We seize the opportunity to enjoy some of the park’s attractions with shorter wait times. We take you along for a ride on Big Thunder Mountain, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, sharing our experiences and observations along the way. As we explore further, we note the absence of any noticeable hurricane preparations beyond the parking lot cones. We share our curiosity about the storm’s impact on the park’s decorations and structures.

We contemplate a visit to the Jungle Cruise, where the wait time seems reasonable, and we take a moment to appreciate the low crowd levels. We also provide insights into the process of entering the park for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Before concluding our adventure, we provide a glimpse of the darkening skies as Hurricane Idalia’s outer bands approach Orlando, emphasizing the importance of staying informed and safe.

Our journey through Magic Kingdom on the eve of Hurricane Idalia offers a unique perspective on the park’s operations during adverse weather conditions. Despite the impending storm, Disney’s magic shines through as preparations go largely unnoticed, and guests continue to enjoy the attractions. It’s a testament to Disney’s commitment to creating memorable experiences, even when facing the forces of nature.