Universal Orlando is ever-evolving, after 3 months of not being able to visit this beautiful spot, a lot has changed. When they say Vacation Like You Mean it, they really mean it! We couldn’t wait to dive back into the fun and we are here to show you what the new normal is at the moment! We visited the Islands of Adventure on this trip and we took a look at the new safety procedures that have been put into place. Along with the new procedures we saw the new roller coaster progress in the Jurassic Park Area. Strap in and ride along with us as we adventure around the Islands!


It’s a very special moment when you can get back into the fun, but now fun comes with responsibility! When you’re walking into Universal the very first thing that you must do is, get your temperature checked and it is pretty similar to what happens at Disney Springs. Once you’re done getting your temperature checked you can head into bag checks as usual, when you’re walking into Universal they do have social distancing signs. As always you must keep 6 feet apart and you can enjoy your day at Universal with no problem. They also do have announcements throughout Universal that talk about the CDC guidelines, wearing your mask, washing your hands, and practicing social distancing. Another thing to add Universal is making it mandatory for everyone to wear face masks around the resort. Around the resort itself, they do have signage and markings up for social distancing!


Given the first look into Islands of Adventure in Universal Orlando, the area isn’t as packed as it usually is. Walking in, they have team members providing entertainment and instructions for visitors coming in. They also have digital signage about what to expect and markings along the entrance. Something great about there not being to many people is the wait times! The wait times for the rides are exponentially shortened but Hagrids is down at the moment so don’t try and look for that wait time! They are still doing character meet and greets but you do have to keep your 6 feet and snap your awesome picture. Along with the fun games and awesome characters they still have certain restaurants open and one of those being Wimpy’s. You can check out the hamburger we had there here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwVxNoYpCSQ. The way you can find out if certain restaurants are open or not is by looking to see if they have social distancing signage up or they will have digital signage showing you what other food locations are open around the park!


As some of you may know, Universal is putting a new roller coaster into Islands of Adventure and it is going to be a Jurassic Park themed coaster. It comes very close to the Wizarding World eatery, Three Broomsticks and Hogshead Pub, so if you plan on trying to get a closer look definitely check out these spots! The coaster itself is very large featuring sharp turns and even a low roll over the top of the water! By the looks of it I spotted a new building being added to the coaster as well, so expect this to be a very big and amazing ride. As I was looking at the coaster I even got to see a part of the track being put into place, which is pretty exciting. 

There you have it, there is the first look and insite back into the world of parks with the new rules due to Covid-19! You can still Vacation Like You Mean it here at Islands of Adventure but be sure to follow the rules and guidelines so everyone can have an amazing experience back! It was very exciting being back into the park and getting a first person view on the new roller coaster being built in the Jurassic Park Area. With everything said, it was a fantastic experience back and we are off!