When visiting Orlando, most guests experience nothing more than the incredible theme parks and experiences that Central Florida has to offer. But, some people often question these events when planning a trip to Orlando and they ask themselves: “Is this really worth the money.” While certainly there is a plethora of things to do, you want to find the most bang for your buck and the best experience to partake in. That’s why today we thought we would take a moment to take a trip to the Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine at Disney’s Festival of the Arts and let you guys know if it’s worth the price.


You may be asking yourselves, what exactly is the Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine? This delicious event allows you to take a walk around Epcot’s Festival of the Arts and embark on a journey of tasting foods. You start off by using your Festival Passport as your guide to look for specialty menu items and as you make progress, you collect a stamp after each of purchases. Once you’ve purchased and savored your 5 vibrant food items while collecting your 5 stamps, you can visit Decadent Delights to claim a special reward. This activity is fun for all ages, if you enjoy a scavenger hunt and taste testing food, this event could be worth it to you!


For the first dish on our taste test journey we stopped in Canada at The Masterpiece Kitchen to pick up the Vanilla, Rose Water, Pistachio Panna Cotta, which is priced at $8.00. Upon first glance, this dish is very pleasing to the eye and it actually looks like a rose. The flavor on this dish is very off, it tastes a lot like a rose and not so much of Pistachio. You’re not getting a lot of food for the price but you’re getting a very pretty dish, we decided that we would not order this again. 


Second on the list we find ourselves at Festival Favorites in the World Showplace Pavilion to pick up Remy’s Ratatouille, which is priced at $5.00. We have tasted this dish before and it wasn’t the best, but we’ve been told to try it again because others have really enjoyed it. Upon tasting this for a second time we found that it was better than the last, all the flavors and textures were there. All in all we think this dish is worth the price if you enjoy a vegetarian option on your taste test journey.


Next on the list we have the Pistachio Cake from The Painter’s Palate located in the World Showplace Pavilion, and this is priced at $5.50. This dish contains Pistachio Cake, Cherry Mousse, and Morello Cherries. All of the flavors put together were all very flavorful, so if you really enjoy Pistachio and Cherries then you would love this dish. We really enjoyed this dish and found it very delicious, we recommend this.


Almost coming to an end on this Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine we picked up the Blue Corn Pupusa from Vibrante & Vivido Food Studio, and this is priced at $6.50. This dish is stuffed with Cheese and topped with Shredded Pork, Guajillo and Árbol Chili Sauce, Cabbage Slaw and Aji Amarillo Crema. This dish is a real mouth full with a variety of delicious ingredients! This dish is very exciting to look at and very flavorful. We really enjoyed this dish and it was by far the best tasting food item at the Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine. By far this menu item is 100% worth the price and we recommend it to anyone that partakes in the activity or not even partaking.


Last but not least we ended the day at the Mosaic Canteen where we got our last item on our Passport which was the Mouskoutchou, and this was priced at $4.75. This dish is an Orange Cake with Cinnamon Chocolate Mousse. This dish is a mouth full and we don’t mean that literally, but the name of this dish is incredibly hard to pronounce! Upon the first taste test, this tastes exactly like a chocolate orange (we are not fans) so if you really enjoy that type of flavor palate, this is for you. From our experience with this dish, we decided that we would not order this again. 

In conclusion, our Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine totaled at a solid $29.75. Ultimately we didn’t think it was worth it but instead we did have an amazing time trying the new foods along the way. Since we completed our Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine we collected our end prize and it was a completer palate cookie, we thought it was very beautiful. We thought that if you order some of these dishes by themselves it would be worth it because some of them were very tasty and absolutely delicious. But all in all this is just our thoughts on the food in the Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine, so your experience could be different. Let us know if you thought your experience was worth the price!