Florida is hot, I mean really hot in the summer most of the time! Today we bring you some tips to help keep you cool on those hot summer days in our theme parks!

First you might want to pick up a portable battery powered fan that you can wear around your neck. We’ve found both rechargeable and regular battery powered ones to be effective, but liked the convenience of the rechargeable ones a bit better. They don’t sell these in the parks that we know of, but click here to see where we got ours on Amazon. Also the battery operated version here, and a bonus helpful item are cooling neck towels, available here.

While you’re at the parks look for attractions with low wait times, or use your express pass or fast pass. If not available, try waiting for a ride with indoor air conditioning to help you stay cool.

It’s important to stay hydrated on a hot day at the parks. At all quick service food locations at both Universal and Disney parks they will give you free cups of ice water if you ask, no purchase necessary!

At Universal specifically, check out Knockturn Alley in Diagon Alley to cool off. The area is air conditioned, indoors, and allows you to spend time shopping or practicing your wand skills! Also be sure grab a return time in the morning for the virtual queue of Jimmy Fallon. Once inside the air conditioned area, you can check out the museum, listen to the Rag Time Gals, meet Hashtag the Panda, play games, charge your phone, have a seat, and finish off with a great attraction!

Check out the wide variety of shows at the parks. Most are sit down and in air conditioning and range in length from 15-45 minutes. We recommend the Horror Makeup Show at Universal Studios Florida.

Be sure to pop into all of the air conditioned shopping experiences in the parks, as well. If not to buy something, then at least to soak in the cool AC!

All in all if you’re feeling worn out from the Florida heat, it’s better to be safe and take a break. Grabbing a meal or snack, heading back to your hotel or home are all great options for cooling down after a hot day at the parks.

Check out the video above for more information!