Nothing says “Disney Date Night” like an evening trip to the Magic Kingdom with the person you love most. Whether you’re visiting from out of town and looking to make the most of a romantic evening at the Magic Kingdom, or you’re an Annual Passholder aficionado with the low down on everything lovely at this enchanting park, Tim and Jenn have some amorous tips for those looking to enjoy an enchanting evening out at the most magical place on earth.



Attraction #1: Dumbo the Flying Elephant


Our first stop on Tim and Jenn’s date night around the Magic Kingdom includes a classic attraction loved and adored by millions of visitors every year – Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Located in New Fantasyland – Dumbo takes guests on a languorous flight above the Magic Kingdom, allowing couples to snuggle up and enjoy their time together on an attraction that was seemingly made for those in love.



Snack Time: Lefou’s Brew


After you take flight on Dumbo the Flying Elephant, mosey on over to Gaston’s Tavern – also located in New Fantasyland – for Lefou’s Brew, the Tavern’s signature drink. Made of frozen apple juice and marshmallow syrup, this tasty yet affordable frozen drink is sure to quench yours and your partner’s thirst, while also being just large and sweet enough to encourage the two of you to share in this tasty beverage’s delight.



Attraction #2: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh


Upon finishing up your brew, head on over to The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – located in Fantasyland – and hold on tight to one another as you and your partner are swept away by this storybook come to life! Join Winnie the Pooh and his friends as you glide and bounce your way through scenes from this classic Disney film. When your ride nears its end, be sure to wave to Pooh Bear on your way out!



Dinner Time: Pinocchio’s Village Haus


Once you complete your ride through The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, stroll across the way to Pinocchio’s Village Haus for an affordable and delectable dinner. This quaint cottage in Fantasyland allows for couples to enjoy a fast, affordable, yet enjoyable meal within a roomy, air-conditioned building. For those looking for a beautiful view to enjoy on their date night, try sitting at a table near the window overlooking It’s a Small World, or head on up to the second floor of Pinocchio’s Village Haus on the off-chance that the outside balcony (this balcony overlooks Fantasyland) is open.



For Dessert: Mickey Mini Dome Cake


Nothing goes better with a savory dinner from Pinocchio’s Village Haus than a sweet treat from Pecos Bill. Tim and Jenn recommend stopping on by this quick service restaurant – located in Frontierland – for a delightful new dessert: the Mickey Mini Dome Cake. This exquisite dessert is made up of chocolate flourless cake, spicy chocolate mousse, and a creme brulee center covered in chocolate ganache and topped off with a chocolate Mickey piece. Yes, that’s a lot of chocolate. No, you will not regret it.



The Grand Finale: Watching Happily Ever After From Fantasyland


You’ve seen the classic photos of Main Street U.S.A packed with guests waiting to grab the perfect spot for Disney’s signature fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom. But did you know that there’s a less crowded, yet incredibly immersive location that places you at the center of the fireworks experience? Prior to the start of Happily Ever After, head on back to Fantasyland and grab a spot in between the arches that welcome you to New Fantasyland as you prepare to be immersed in a fireworks show unlike any other. Happily Ever After will send you on a roller coaster full of emotion, and will remind you of all of the love you have for your significant other.


Whether you’re visiting from out of town, or you’re an Annual Passholder at the most magical place on earth, nothing says “Disney Date Night” like a romantic evening trip to the Magic Kingdom. We hope that these ideas encourage you to enjoy your perfect date night at the Magic Kingdom, and that you’re lead down a road that inspires the two of you to reach out and find your Happily Ever After.