Welcome to the grand opening of Tron Light Cycle Run at Magic Kingdom! I’m here to tell you all about my experience. This ride had a virtual queue, so I had to wake up at 7am and try my luck at getting a virtual queue. Luckily, I got group 26, and my group got called about 10 minutes ago, even though it’s now 10:45am.

I was also excited to try out the Tron identity program, which is like an action figure toy that they customize with your face and voice, but unfortunately, it wasn’t ready for today, so they canceled our reservation. But, we still got to check out the Tron gift shop, which was located near Stitch’s Great Escape.

After riding the Tron Light Cycle Run, we decided to check out the Tron gift shop. It’s one of the largest shade structures in all of Magic Kingdom, so it was a great place to relax after spending so much time in the sun. The gift shop had a lot of cool merchandise, including Tron light cycle run pass holders, shirts, pins, a limited edition magic band, and even a sweet helmet. They also had little model cars of various Tron vehicles, mugs, water bottles, and even a light up picture frame.

Unfortunately, the Tron identity program wasn’t available, but we did get to see where it was supposed to be located. The personalized action figures were displayed, and they even had a Tron bike you could buy to go with it. The prices ranged from $55 for the identity disk speaker to $89.99 for the Tron identity program figure.

Overall, it was a long but exciting day at Magic Kingdom. Riding Tron Light Cycle Run was definitely the highlight of the day, and the merchandise in the Tron gift shop was amazing. I highly recommend checking out this new attraction if you get the chance! Be sure to watch the video for more!