This last week we ventured into space aboard the Halcyon, which is Walt Disney World’s latest immersive entertainment offering! Join us as we check in to our suite on board the ship, enjoy a meal in the Crown of Corellia Dining Room, and take on our first mission!


While boarding the Halcyon and entering our suite, we couldn’t help but notice the attention to detail that truly transported us into the Star Wars universe. There were several things that stood out, such as the large retractable windows in both the living room and bedroom that boast a great view of the cosmos. While looking out these windows, we were able to spot many ships and planets along side us, which was such a cool detail. 

The spacious Galaxy Class suite sleeps 4 in total, with 1 queen bed and 2 pull-down beds. The bathroom features 2 sinks, 2 shower heads, and a commode, which is great for multiple people getting ready at the same time. We also received a small welcome package including some sweets, waters, chips, and fruit! It was a nice touch to start off our experience.


Our first stop after checking into our room, is the ship’s main dining hall, the Crown of Corellia Dining Room. Breakfast and Lunch are served buffet-style, with several options for each palate! Some of our favorite dishes included the Dipped Tip-Yip and Mac and Cheese (upper right), Sun Butter and Jelly (lower left), and the Fire-Melted Cheese takeaway with a Tomato Soup Dipper (top center). While you can enjoy bottomless Blue and Green Milk, soft drinks, coffee, and water for free, there are also several specialty beverages available for purchase. We noticed several vegan and plant-based options available as well, which was great to see.

If you have any allergy-friendly or dietary requests, you can stop by the Crown of Corellia Dining room between 1pm-4pm on the first day of your voyage to meet with a Chef or Crew Member trained in special diets.


After enjoying our first meal aboard the ship, we made our way to the bridge, where we were able to partake in Bridge Training! Here we were able to assume command across several positions, and learn how to defend and operate the Halcyon. Throughout our training we learned how to make repairs to the ship, shoot enemy droids, and shield the ship from oncoming blasts. This experience was a lot of fun for everyone, even Jackson!

There is so much happening aboard the Halcyon at all times, and we have been having an absolute blast so far. Be sure to check out the rest of our videos to see what the rest of our voyage entails!