This week we ventured out to the Top Of The World Lounge at Bay Lake Tower to preview the lounge’s newest offering, “A Villain’s Lair”! Join us for lots of fun villain themed-treats and fantastic fireworks views!


Making our way into the lounge, we immediately noticed many villain-themed accoutrements decorating the room. The lounge itself looks the same, but these subtle decorations really help pull the theme together. We were also greeted by a group of Disney Villain cosplayers, who were looking for the “Disney Villain’s Convention”. Throughout the night, these characters would wander, interact, and play games with each party in the lounge, which really added to the lively atmosphere. 

Wandering outside, we  really enjoyed the patio area for fireworks viewing! Since we were on the top floor, the view of the castle was perfect, and you could really see the entire park. If you ever find yourself visiting in the evening, be sure to stick around to watch Enchantment, you don’t want to miss it with a view like this! 


Along with our visit, we were able to try several different food items! The menu had quite a few options to choose from. Here are some of our favorite things we tried:

Who’s Afraid of Pork Belly Sliders: Three Shredded Pork Belly Sliders topped with Barbecue Sauce and Homemade Pickles. 

Seven-Lair Cake: A Seven-Layer cake deviously drizzled with sinful Salted Caramel Sauce.

Both of these items were fantastic. The sliders had a very nice smoky taste to them, which was a really solid flavor experience. The cake was decadent, with the flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and caramel working so well together. Everything we tried was fantastic, and couldn’t recommend it enough! Another thing to note, is that almost every menu item has an allergy-friendly option available, which we thought was a great perk! 

In order to visit the Top Of The World Lounge, you do need to be a Disney Vacation Club Member with an active hotel reservation at the time of your visit. This lounge truly is a great perk for DVC members, and offers a great experience outside of the park that you won’t find anywhere else! Thanks for joining us for a fun evening, and we’ll see you next week!