When you think of the best time to visit a theme park, your mind instantly jumps to the summer months! But, with most of the United States having a bunch of closing and reopenings it’s very hard to do the normal. However, your very own Disney’s Hollywood Studios is finally reopening and we are here to show you just what they’re all about once again. We took a spin around the park to check out new park operations since reopening, crowd levels, ride wait times, and see how the characters will be interacting with guests around the park! Join us as we take our first “normal” adventure back through Disney’s Hollywood Studios reopening day!


As you know Disney has been doing phase reopenings starting with the first 3 parks and now Hollywood Studios! Upon arrival, the park procedures are just as before but of course with the temperature screenings just like at all the other parks! Another thing to add, the park does now close at 8 P.M! Throughout the park itself, they do have physical distancing markings on the ground and signage all throughout. Walking throughout the park, they do provide hand sanitizer stations and hand washing stations!


We got to see some of Disney’s first entertainment of the day which was Fancy Nancy, followed by Doc McStuffins in his fancy camaro then my absolute favorite Vampirina from Disney Junior! After seeing our first parade of the day we headed to Star Wars launch bay to check out their indoor relaxation station where you can take your mask off and enjoy some fresh air socially distant! Meanwhile in Toy Story Land, we had to ride Slinky Dog and Alien Swirling Saucers and of course they were amazing as always! If you’re looking for character interactions in Galaxy Edge be sure to check out Vi hiding from the storm troopers! Right outside of the Market in Galaxy Edge, they do have an outdoor relaxation station where you can sit in the shade socially distanced from others. Finishing off our magnificent day at Hollywood Studios, we headed back to the beginning of the park where we were greeted with the Incredibles, Edna Mode, Sully from Monsters Inc, Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jessie from Toy Story all in one parade!


When coming to these amazing parks, we always want to know how long it will take to get onto your favorite rides, so we are here to give you those wait times and assumptions on how long it will take. Something to note, the parks are not doing fast passes at the moment so these lines will get through a lot faster! Taking a look at the first ride of the day, we stumbled across Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway which had a 75 minute wait but could possibly be a little shorter. We made our way into Toy Story Land and the first ride we came across was Toy Story Mania with only a 15 minute wait! We checked out Slinky Dog Dash, the line seemed pretty long but it only had a 40 minute wait time and we talked to someone that said it only took them 20 minutes to actually get onto the ride itself. Before heading out of Toy Story land we hit Alien Swirling Saucers and it was only a 15 minutes wait. In Galaxy Edge, Star Tours was only a 5 minute wait and right next to it, Jedi Training was currently closed.


Upon arrival at Hollywood Studios, the first look entrance at the park itself there didn’t seem to be too many people and it was very easy to stay socially distanced from other guests! Popping into one of the most popular sections of the park, Toy Story Land and there isn’t a very big crowd at all. Walking throughout this section of the park it was very easy to maintain social distancing! From the Land of Toys we made our way over to Galaxy Edge where we could easily stay socially distanced from others except we did have some tight spots at some points. But out of all the lands I’ve adventured to, Galaxy Edge seems to be the most populated. 

In conclusion, it was an amazing day here at Disney’s Hollywood Studios but we had to unfortunately head out because of Florida’s unpleasant weather! However, it’s amazing to say that your very own Disney’s Hollywood Studios is finally back and reopened. We hoped you enjoyed checking out the new park operations, crowd levels, ride wait times, and seeing the amazing characters here at Hollywood Studios with us! Glad you could join us as we took our first “normal” adventure back through Disney’s wonderful Hollywood Studios. It’s time to sign off, we’ll catch you in Hollywood.