Disney World is ever-evolving, after 4 months of not being able to visit this beautiful park, a lot has changed! We went out to Disney to check out the crowd levels, new procedures, and more! Our visit to Disney World we got to check out Cinderella Castle’s new paint job up close and got to be reunited with our favorite Disney Characters! We even got to ride some of Disney’s amazing rides and also got to take a peek at the new Tron roller coaster construction progres! We are so excited to be back at the happiest place on earth and make our dreams come true once again. So on that note, lost hop into the magical land of Disney World!


It’s a very special special moment when you can get back into the magical fun, but now with fun comes responsibility! When you walk into Disney World, the very first thing you must do is go through a temperature screening. When you walk up to the ticket booths they do have social distancing markings on the ground along with signs throughout the entrance. Another thing to add, when coming to Disney World they do require you to where you mask for safety reasonings. If you’re looking to ride the monorail in the future they do have social distancing markings on the ground along with numbers to wait on, which are of course 6-feet apart. Throughout the entrance and park itself they do have hand sanitizer stations. Now that we got a first look at what to expect when you first come into Disney World, let’s continue our journey on over to Magic Kingdom!


To start this magical day off, we started at the TTC where we took a ferry boat over to Magic Kingdom. Taking a first look at the beginning of Magic Kingdom, it seems that the crowd levels are pretty minimal but then again the first day open was the annual passholder preview only! Along with the low crowd levels, the wait times for the rides are very low except for Splash Mountain because people are really feeling the Florida heat. Taking a walk down good ‘ol Main Street we got to see first hand character cavalcades! We got to see characters from Move It, Shake It, Mousekedance It Parade, Tinkerbell, Fantasyland Friends and some friends from Winnie the Pooh! As some of you may or may not know, Cinderella’s Castle has a new paint job with vibrant pink and blue colors! The castle looks absolutely incredible and catches your eye by just a short glance. The amount of entertainment still happening around the park is amazing to see, Disney even has the Main Street Philharmonic band performing around the park.


To begin the first ride of the day, we started off with the Tomorrowland Speedway! The great thing about this ride is that I don’t even have to touch the steering wheel. While on the Speedway we passed the People Mover and it looked like it was not currently running. Zooming away from Tomorrowland Speedway, we made our way to Big Thunder Mountain! Throughout the line of Big Thunder, they do have social distancing markings and blockades throughout the line due to high volume of people. For being the second ride of the day, Big Thunder Mountain was great as always and we were even able to get front row! Heading out of FrontierLand into AdventureLand passing by Golden Oak Outpost they do have a relaxation station where you can sit and take your mask off, staying social distance from others. Heading onto our final ride, we made our way onto the Tea Cups! Again with the lines for the rides, they do have social distancing markings so you can keep your distance from others. We hopped into the big ol’ yellow tea cup and spinned around for a fun experience. 


As some of you may or may not know, Magic Kingdom is bringing us a new coaster! It is the Tron Lightcycle Power Run which is an upcoming semi-enclosed launched steel motorbike roller coaster at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Based on the Tron series, the attraction takes you on a ride throughout the Grid on their own light cycle! We got to witness the coaster construction progress as we were on the Tomorrowland Speedway and it was very exciting to see. The coaster itself has yet to have a set opening date, but we cannot wait for it to be finished so we can ride this epic coaster!


There you have it, there is the first look and insite back into the magical world of Magic Kingdom! You can finally get back to the “Happiest Place on Earth” and make your dreams come true yet again. It was very exciting being back in the park after 4 whole months and we hope you enjoyed this very special moment with us! Thanks for hanging out, we will catch you on the flip side.