Hey there, fellow thrill-seekers and food enthusiasts! Buckle up as I take you on a spine-chilling, taste bud-tingling journey through Universal Studios Florida’s one-of-a-kind event: “Taste of Terror.” Imagine a place where the scrumptious meets the spine-tingling, where burgers and screams collide – that’s the twisted magic of this prelude to Halloween Horror Nights. So, grab your Blinky cup and your courage as we dive into the spooky and delicious world of “Taste of Terror.”


Picture this: I’m standing at the entrance, heart pounding in anticipation, clutching my ticket to adventure. For $136, I’m about to witness a Halloween Horror Nights teaser like no other. They’re throwing in a Blinky cup, drinks, both spine-chilling and calming, a free photo (proof I survived!), and a whole bunch of drool-worthy dishes. You can also opt for a food-focused ticket if your taste buds are the true thrill-seekers.

I step inside and suddenly, it hits me – the aroma of fear and food (weird combo, I know). There they are, rows of food booths that look straight out of a horror film, but with a side of french fries. Surfer Boy Pizza’s dishing out Hawaiian French bread pizzas that are so good, they’re scary. And don’t even get me started on Smash Burger’s peanut butter wonder – it’s like a burger and a dessert had a baby!

Prepare yourself, because the menu reads like a cryptic riddle of deliciousness. Imagine sinking your teeth into Left Behind Ravioli, covered in truffle cream and topped with tempura-fried enoki mushrooms. Feeling adventurous? The Yeti booth’s got carnivore and vegan poutine that’s out of this world. And the desserts? We’re talking Hellfire Mini Cake and Mini Oreo Mummy Pops – the kind of sweet that sends shivers down your spine.

And if you’re more into tacos than witchcraft, the vegan walking taco is here to blow your taste buds away. Frito chips, vegan chorizo, and a symphony of toppings – it was my favorite thing on the menu.

As I reluctantly bid adieu to the tantalizing terrors and flavors of “Taste of Terror,” I can’t help but reflect on the unforgettable adventure. It’s a fusion of culinary delights and hair-raising haunted scenery that leaves my stomach and my soul craving for more. Universal Studios Orlando Resort has truly brewed a concoction that satiates both my hunger for food and my thirst for screams.

And there you have it, my fellow brave explorers – the wild ride that is “Taste of Terror” at Universal Studios Florida. So, until next time, remember to stay hungry, stay scared, and see you in the fog!