This past week, we venture out to EPCOT to check out the park’s newest cafe and restaurant! This is the replacement to the former Electric Umbrella near the front of the park. Join us as we check out this great new dining location, and try some delicious new food!


As we were making our way into Connections Cafe, we couldn’t help but notice the size of the park’s newest Starbucks location. Scattered throughout the cafe we noticed various pieces of EPCOT artwork, and displays of various coffee-themed accoutrements. We felt these artistic touches really tied the whole aesthetic together, paying homage to old EPCOT while embracing the new. With plenty of places to sit, as well as chargers near most tables, this is a perfect place to refresh and recharge!


On the opposite side of Starbucks is the Connections Eatery, which offers a diverse menu with burgers, pizzas, salads, desserts, and plant-based options. We ordered a few items, with our favorites being the French Bistro Burger and the Liege Waffle. The burger was absolutely delicious, with complex flavors including caramelized onions, bacon, brie, mushrooms, and dijon mayonnaise. This might be the best quick-service theme park burger we’ve had, it was THAT good.

For dessert we enjoyed the Liege Waffle, which came topped with pearl sugar, strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. We found the texture of the waffle to be very nice and firm, and the strawberries were fresh and flavorful. All of the flavors tied together nicely, but the fresh strawberries were absolutely the star of the show.

I think we will be frequenting this spot on future EPCOT visits, especially as a great option to escape the heat. All of the food we tried was great, and the EPCOT vibes throughout the restaurant truly completed the experience. We can’t wait to come back to try more food!