The Halloween festivities are starting now! Much like myself and countless others who begin celebrating the spooky season at the beginning of October, so does Orlando! This year in Orlando, they have brought us yet another new Haunted Trail. This new spooky attraction is called Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail and you’re really in for a scare. Though there is plenty to experience beyond this Haunted Trail, join us as we inform you about everything you need to know about this new Haunted Attraction here at Central Florida’s best hometown haunt!


The newest Central Florida Haunted Attraction is called Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail! This new spooky attraction is located in the heart of Central Florida between Tampa and Orlando. Sir Henry’s offers several different experiences for guests to get the full effect of Halloween and Haunted House fun. They feature 3 Haunted Trails, an Escape Game, Laser Tag along with live entertainment, food vendors and merchandise. For the month of October Sir Henry’s will be open every Friday and Saturday 7:30-11:00 P.M and every Sunday 7:30-9:30 P.M. Before coming to Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail, you must purchase tickets online ahead of time! Ticket prices vary depending on which day you go, Friday & Saturdays range from $25 to $35 and Sundays are only $25. These ticket prices include admission to all 3 haunted trails one time. The event is an excellent way to spend a few hours getting scared. They have scareactors roaming around while you wait for each trial so the fun never stops!


The first Haunted Trail we headed into for the night is Midnight Slaughter, the lights out trail! This intense Haunted Trail is as scary as you can get, socially distanced of course. The Story of the Midnight Slaughter is, there was a family called the Brown Family and they discovered a very good fertilizer, but that amazing fertilizer happens to be PEOPLE! They cut people up and put them into the ground to help their crops grow, but for a while they were relying on travelers to come through to use. BUT then, the families own Daughter betrayed them! So now they’re taking a more violent approach and there killing anyone that comes near the Brown compound. The family designed their house as a maze, so if you happen to wander in you are guaranteed not to find your way out and YOU will end up as fertilizer!


For the second Haunted Trail of the night, we make our way to the spooky Marionette of the Dead. The story behind this is, a gang of misfits led by their schizophrenic master, Poppy, moved into the Schwartz Family Funeral Home after it was forced to shut down. Poppy was fascinated with theatre and puppetry, more specifically creating marionettes as life-like as possible. Poppy decided to put on her next show detailing the tragedy of Sir Henry with the help of her gang of misfits. But Poppy had a love for the macabre and is amazed by creating the most realistic puppets as possible. She began using the left-over body parts on the funeral home to build her creations. But soon, that wasn’t enough to satisfy her artistic ability and she needed a new method to flesh out her vision. Poppy and her crew turned to snatching unsuspecting guests at their shows to mold into live puppets! The question is, will you escape her show or become one of her own? 


Last but not least we end the terrifying night at, The Candy Tree! The story behind this is, on the outskirts of Castlemoore, there was a small village. One person, a kid named Nathaniel Kane and he loved sweets and treats his elder sister and the town baker made for him. Nathaniel was shy and he was bullied by everyone. One Halloween they took him into the woods to a big tree and told him if he hugged it tight, he would get all the sweets he could handle. As he hugged it, they tied him to the tree and stole his candy. The next morning the town was in chaos looking for Nathaniel, the bullied gave in and brought the town to the tree. But all was found was fallen ropes and a shadow of a small child imprinted on the tree with candy wrappers on the ground. Everyone Halloween that tree was known as the Candy Tree and children would come up missing and candy wrappers littered on the ground. Legend has it that a mysterious shadow creature named Kane returns to The Candy Tree to hunt and eat trick or treaters that dare to come near. How close will you dare to roam to The Candy Tree? 

Halloween is the best time of the year for some people and the festivities are starting now! Central Florida has brought as yet another amazing Haunted Trail and it goes by Sir Henry’s. This new spooky attraction is perfect for families that want to come and experience a frightening experience. Thank you for joining us as we toured around the new Haunted Trails here in Central Florida and be sure to check it out for the spooky season!