This week we take a trip out to the Magic Kingdom for some 4th of July festivities! Join us as we try some exciting foods and check out some exclusive entertainment offerings!


While making our way into Magic Kingdom for the day, we decided to place a mobile order at Casey’s Corner! From July 1st-August 11th, there is a specialty Chicago-style hotdog available! This is an all-beef hotdog with Chicago-Style Green Relish, Pickles, Tomatoes, and Mustard on a potato bun. Although the green relish looked a little strange, everything tasted quite good! All of the flavors went together quite nicely. We also noticed this hotdog felt not quite as heavy as other Casey’s hotdogs, which was nice! Definitely want to try this again before it goes away, and we recommend you do the same if you’re around! Overall a very solid hotdog, and a great start to the evening!


As we made our way through the park, we noticed several DJ’s set up for dance parties! We saw parties in Frontierland, Tomorrowland, and even in front of the Castle Stage! They played a mix of current and throwback pop songs, and really got the crowd pumped up! All of the crowds had a really great energy and were tons of fun.

To wrap up the evening, we enjoyed watching some specialty holiday fireworks! This fireworks show is called “Disney’s Celebrate America!: A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky Fireworks Spectacular!” and happens on the 3rd and 4th of July each year! This is one of the few times a year to see the perimeter fireworks that completely engulf the 360 degrees of space around you! If you want a good spot, we advise getting to Main Street at least 30 minutes to an hour before showtime, as the Main Street viewing area did hit capacity. This show is truly impressive, and a must-see if you’ve never seen it before! 

Overall, we had a great day today trying a delicious new hotdog, and taking part in the festivities around the park! If you’ve never been to Magic Kingdom around the 4th of July, do yourself a favor and go one year; it’s an absolute blast and there’s so much fun stuff to do. Thanks for joining us again, and we’ll see you next week!