There’s no shortage of thrilling attractions to experience in Orlando, and go-karts are far from an exception. Whether you prefer long tracks, fast karts, or both, Orlando hosts some of the nation’s most popular and infamous go-kart experiences that are tough to find anywhere else. From synonymous names like NASCAR and Andretti, you know you’re in for a race like no other from the second you take you take your seat behind the wheel of one of many incredible go-karts. But with so many tracks to choose from, which go-kart experience(s) are worth visiting during your trip to Orlando? We’ve narrowed our list down to three of the best go-kart experiences in Orlando in the hopes that your decision is made easier and your time is saved the next time you decide to make a trip outside of the theme parks and into the fast lane.


1. I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart Racing

Laying claim to the fastest indoor go-kart track in Central Florida, the I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart Racing experience offers you the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a SODIKART RTX, developed by the global leaders in the kart manufacturing industry. Located just off International Drive and Vanguard Street, this go-kart track allows drivers to reach speeds of 45 mph on a lengthy twisting, turning, and enclosed track. For those in your party who are looking to relax while others race, there are plenty of other experiences located within this experience to enjoy. From a restaurant and bar, to arcade games, a bowling alley and more, there’s something for everyone – young and old – to enjoy while visiting I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart Racing.

2. Andretti Indoor Karting and Games – Orlando

Located on Universal Boulevard and sharing a parking lot with TopGolf Orlando, Andretti Indoor Karting and Games offers many of the same experiences I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart Racing offers, with a few differences and additions. For starters, Andretti offers three separate indoor tracks for drivers of all ages and experiences to race on. Track 1 is a road-course style single level track for beginners, while track 2 is a slightly faster, elevated and scenic track for those looking for a bit of a challenge above track 1. Track 3 is Andretti’s most intense go-kart track, with multiple elevation changes, banked curves, and long straightaways for those looking to put the pedal to the medal. Similar to NASCAR, if go-kart racing is not for everyone in your party, there is plenty more to see, do, and experience during your visit to Andretti Indoor Karting and Games. From arcade games and a bowling alley, to laser tag, a ropes course, and a virtual reality experience – not to mention food and drinks aplenty – there’s no shortage of fun to be had while visiting Andretti’s on Universal Boulevard.



3. Fun Spot America

Last but certainly not least on our list of go-kart tracks to experience in Orlando is located at Fun Spot America. This location is a bit unique to the go-karting experience for several reasons, with the most prevalent reason being that Fun Spot America offers not 1, but 4 separate multi-level tracks to choose from – Thrasher, Conquest, Quad Helix, and Commander. In addition to 4 unique tracks, Fun Spot America also affords families the opportunity to ride in both single and double karts, in the event that those with younger racers would prefer to race together. Like many other go-karting experiences in Orlando, Fun Spot America offers a wide variety of attractions to enjoy for those looking to do something beyond go-kart racing, except that what makes this location different from those listed above are the many offerings brought to the table. For instance, Fun Spot America offers 2 different roller coasters to enjoy while visiting their park – White Lightning and Freedom Flyer – in addition to many other thrilling attractions such as the Skycoaster, Enterprise, and so much more! It needn’t be said, but there’s plenty for everyone to do when visiting Fun Spot America. Go-karts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the fun to be had!


From formula one-like racing, to 45 mph electric go-karts, Orlando surely offers some of the most thrilling and unique experiences in go-kart racing today. Whether you enjoy one of the four Fun Spot America tracks, or you test your skills on Andretti’s banked and elevated course, you’re sure to have nothing short of an exciting time at one Orlando’s many go-kart experiences. Good luck, and may the best racer win!