Join us as we embark on our travel day to Hawaii! We can’t wait to get there and kick things off!


Our travel day into Hawaii was pretty smooth! We left Orlando, had a brief layover in Atlanta, and then a long 9-hour flight into Hawaii! Although we were able to get some good rest on that flight, it really did start to feel a little long near the end. It was a little difficult keeping Jackson entertained during that time, so keep that in mind if you are traveling with younger ones in your family. One great perk, is that we were served 2 meals; we had meals an hour after takeoff, and an hour before landing. This was definitely a great perk of the long flight. Shortly after enjoying our last meal, we touched down in Hawaii, and off we went!


Upon arriving at Aulani, we were greeted by beautiful weather at sunset, as we were completely immersed in the relaxing atmosphere of the resort. Making our way to our room, we couldn’t help but notice the stunning views just outside of the lobby. This resort is truly gorgeous everywhere you look, and it made us even more excited for the rest of our stay.


The room we’re staying in is a 2-Bedroom Villa! This spacious room comes with a living area, full kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and even a washer and dryer! One of our favorite features in the room was the showers in both of the bathrooms. Overall, we are very impressed with everything the room has to offer and can’t wait to have such a great space to relax in! Be sure to check out the video for a full room tour!

Thanks for joining us for a quick update this week! Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for videos about the rest of this trip! We’ll see you next time!