Greetings, Disney enthusiasts! Tim and Jenn here, ready to take you along on our merry adventure through Disney’s EPCOT Festival of the Holidays 2023. Brace yourselves for a whirlwind of festive flavors, enchanting storytelling, and holiday cheer.

Festive Foodie Finds: A Culinary Adventure

Our first stop was the World Showcase, a culinary haven where we embarked on a global feast of holiday delights. Tim kicked off his adventure with the delectable pork snitzel from Germany, its tender meat and flavorful gravy creating a symphony of taste. Jenn, on the other hand, couldn’t resist the creamy richness of Switzerland’s cheese fondue, perfectly complementing the warm bread and pretzels.

For dessert, we indulged in the Holiday Hearth desserts’ newest creations. Tim was captivated by the mint chocolate mousse wreath, its light and refreshing minty notes dancing on his palate. Jenn, on the other hand, was smitten by the apple caramel crumb cake, its warm, gooey goodness a comforting embrace.

Italy’s Storyteller: A Journey into Tradition

With our bellies full of holiday cheer, we ventured to Italy, eager to be captivated by the enchanting tale of La Befana, the storyteller witch. Her narration of gift-giving traditions on Epiphany wove a spell of wonder and cultural insight, leaving us captivated by the beauty of Italian heritage.

Merchandise Haul: Holiday Keepsakes

No Disney adventure is complete without a shopping spree, and the Creations Shop was our treasure trove of holiday delights. Tim couldn’t resist the cozy warmth of a festive hoodie, while Jenn adorned herself with a stylish t-shirt and a commemorative pin. Each item was a cherished reminder of our magical day.

A Must-Do Holiday Event: A Celebration of Joy

As our day at the EPCOT Festival of the Holidays drew to a close, we were filled with an abundance of holiday cheer. This event is a true gem, a celebration of global traditions, culinary delights, and heartwarming stories. Whether you’re seeking a fun-filled family outing or a romantic escape, this festive extravaganza is guaranteed to leave you with memories to cherish.

So, grab your loved ones, put on your holiday spirit, and embark on your own magical journey to the EPCOT Festival of the Holidays. You won’t be disappointed!

Happy holidays from Tim and Jenn!