Today we venture out to Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Join us as we check out the interactive Magicband+ locations, and try some new foods!


On our way into the park, we decided to hunt for the 4 interactive Fab-50 statues in the park! Each statue is interactive with the new Magicband+ that just released! By simply waving your hand in front of the statue with your Magicband arm, you can “collect” 50 unique characters across all of the parks! You can check your progress in the Play Disney Parks App, and also use it to look for clues as to where these statues are located. This is a really fun activity celebrating the 50th anniversary, great for all ages!


After hanging in the park for a bit, we decided to stop for a quick bite to eat at Flame Tree BBQ! We ended up going with the Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich and a side of fries. The Pork had a really good flavor, and the BBQ sauce it came with really added to the flavor of the overall sandwich. The coleslaw on the sandwich was also very tasty. The fries were your standard Disney Parks fries, nothing too special there. Although the amount of Pulled Pork on the sandwich was a bit lacking in our opinion, it is still a delicious meal and great value. 


Although it was a quick day at the parks, it was a fun one! Thanks for joining us this week, and we’ll see you next time!