Disney Springs is no stranger to a plethora of delicious dining options. From D’Luxe Burger to Wine Bar George, The Boathouse and more, there is no shortage of unique restaurants to try the next time you’re visiting Disney’s incredible outdoor shopping and dining district. However, if you’re looking for something new to partake in during the fall season, consider WonderFALL Flavors, Disney Springs’ popular, limited time dining event, occuring during the fall season. From now until November 4th, guests are able to celebrate Fall by tasting delicious seasonally-inspired food and beverage options located throughout Disney’s shopping and dining destination. Of course, with so many items to choose from, Tim and Jenn have once again come to the “rescue” and have graciously tasted many of the Wonderfall Flavors’ options available to guests in the name of content! They have narrowed their favorites down to 7 items that you must try if partaking in this seasonal celebration, and we’re here to give you a brief overview of what each of these items has to offer.



1. Squash Blossom Quesadilla


Our first stop on our tour of many delicious wonderFALL food items brings us to the 4Rivers Barbacoa Cantina Food Truck, offering a delicious Squash Blossom Quesadilla. Made of Fresh squash blossom, zucchini, tomato, onion, refried beans, chihuahua cheese, queso fresco with a side of pico de gallo, this Tex-Mex inspired menu item is incredibly tasteful, yet spicy vegetarian meal is perfect for those looking to try something savory, yet filling on a cool Autumn (Florida Autumn) day.

2. Apple and Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee


Our second Wonderfall Flavors’ menu item leads us over to The Boathouse, where an Apple and Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee dessert is on the menu. Topped with cinnamon whipped cream and sugared wonton crisps, this sweet and filling dessert is the ideal date night treat to split after a wonderful evening spent at Disney Springs. We do recommend stopping by the bar if you are going to order this food item in order to skip the longer dining lines.



3. Maple Pecan Bourbon Ganache


Making our way over to The Ganachary, we find our third wonderfall flavors menu item, in the form of Maple Pecan Bourbon Hot Ganache. Though Tim and Jenn did not want the alcohol, they were still able to taste test the garnish, coming in the form of chocolate bacon, and that alone is a must-try for all who love bacon. It’s smoky-sweet flavor compliments itself well, and is sure to be a favorite with everyone in your party!



4. Smoked Turkey Sliders


If you’re looking for a filling wonderfall flavors menu item, look no further than the Smoked Turkey Sliders from Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ restaurant. This savory meal is made with white cheddar cheese, spring mix, tomato and Homecomin’s homemade cran-apple chutney. To compliment this already large portion is Spoon Bread, a deconstructed, yet slightly sweeter version of cornbread. As you may have guessed, everything listed under this meal is a must-try, as you’re sure to enjoy this incredible menu option.


5. Pumpkin Pie Gelato Milkshake


We now move on to Jenn’s favorite menu item from the Wonderfall Favors celebration, and that is the Pumpkin Pie Gelato Milkshake, found at D’Luxe Burger. This Milkshake is constructed with gelato, caramel sauce, graham cracker crumbles, and is topped with whipped cream and pumpkin spice; drooling yet? This milkshake is the equivalent to drinking a pumpkin pie, and is Jenn’s number one must-try menu item if you are limited to enjoying one option off of the Wonderfall Flavors list.

6. Roasted Fall Vegetable Tacos


We are back with another vegetarian-friendly menu option, appropriately titled the Roasted Fall Vegetable Tacos. Available for purchase at the Rainforest Cafe, these tacos are created using roasted butternut squash, roasted fall vegetable mix, corn, and black bean salsa, while also being garnished with avocado crema, fresh cilantro and a lime wedge. Though this may lack uniqueness when compared to many of the other items listed above, this menu item is still worth a try, and is perfect for those who may prefer a vegetarian option when spending an evening dining out at Disney Springs.



7. Iberico Pork Pluma


Last but certainly not least on our tour around the Wonderfall Flavors celebration is the Iberico Pork Pluma, offered up at Wine Bar George’s restaurant. Served with the Iberico Pork Pluma is confit Yukon Potatoes, and butternut squash puree, and when combined, creates a meal that Tim touts as one of the best Wonderfall Flavors options to choose from. In fact, if you take anything away from this blog post, or Tim and Jenn’s blog, it is that we want you to visit Wine Bar George’s restaurant and try the Iberico Pork Pluma.


Disney Springs is no stranger to a plethora of delicious dining options, and the Wonderfall Flavors celebration is no exception. If you happen to find yourself wondering Disney Springs from now until the 4th of November, be sure to stop by one of the incredible restaurants listed above, and try a seasonal offering. We know you will not be disappointed in any of the items listed in this blog.