If you’ve visited Disney’s Magic Kingdom, you sometimes notice new things every visit. Today, we visited the amazing Magic Kingdom and noticed many things just because of the empty park! We noticed things from small details of buildings, construction progress, and even new things coming to the park. Many of you ask us about construction questions, updates, and general information related to the things happening in and out of the parks. Join us as we share a list of things we’ve never noticed here at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.


The Disney parks are known for their attention to detail on rides, buildings, and even small things you don’t even pay attention to. Their architecture is quite beautiful and they dial everything down to the smallest detail. I found myself looking up at every detail around Magic Kingdom, for instance if you look at the Diamond Horseshoe Building, inside of the Horseshoe there is a beautiful diamond inside of it! Of course, the diamond is a fo-diamond but the fact that they even added it made the building look 10x better. Another example of Disney’s attention to detail is the Columbia Harbor House, the sign for the building has a golden Dragon holding up a chicken and the chicken is holding up a Coy Fish and the question is, what does it mean? The Disney benches even have engravings in them and the detail is quite extravagant.


When you come to a Disney park, you hope that the wait times for your favorite rides are short so you can just walk straight on and enjoy the ride without the struggle of waiting forever. I found that if you come later in the afternoon here at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, wait times for rides and even crowd levels are exponentially minimal! I found myself easily distanced from others and I didnt even have to worry about walking near anyone at all. I could also basically walk onto rides and even just wait maybe 10-20 minutes for a ride. Here is a video we did about the best time to go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZJvxlwHmK4.


A fun fact about Magic Kingdom is that, where the Voyage of the Little Mermaid is, it used to be 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction based on the movie and right across the way there is a sign that says H. Goff Cartography. H. Goff, is Harper Goff and he is the person that designed the exterior of the Nautilus Submarine that was featured in the movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. He also helped out with the earlier renderings and concept art of Disney Land and a lot of areas of Magic Kingdom in Orlando! 


Like I said before, Disney’s attention to detail is quite amazing! Something you can do at just about any Disney Park and Land, take a look at the ground. They put the theme into the ground just before you walk into any new land. Before heading into the Storybook Circus, they had a lot of horse tracks and cart marks. When you start to get closer into the Storybook Circus you will start to see animal prints, hay, pine needle marks, and even peanuts all in the ground!


Disney views are the best views and I mean it! I took a spin on Astro Orbiter and this is a ride I hardly ride at all. From the severe angle, constant spinning, and enormous height the view from this ride is spectacular! You get a perfect view of Cinderella’s beautiful castle every time you spin around at the top. You even get an amazing angle looking over the Tron construction and who doesn’t like being nosey with construction progress.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is abundant with a bunch of cool and new things! Every visit you could notice something brand new that could’ve been there your last visit. It was a lot easier to notice these new things with the minimal crowds because you can stop and soak in all of the beauty! We hope you learned some new things about Disney’s Magic Kingdom and enjoyed our 5 things we’ve never noticed, let us here 5 things you’ve never noticed on your next trip!